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Our Legal Services

Services and practices

Banking and Finance

Our knowledge and experience in Islamic Financing makes us qualified to provide the most comprehensive legal services and continued developments within the sector.

Legal advice

AoA provides legal opinions to all entities relating to all areas of law including foreign courts in relation to Saudi Arabian jurisprudence.


AoA provides a specialized consultancy in Securities trading and law including governance and transactions and precise recommendations.

Contracts and Agreements

AoA drafts and formulates all types of contracts and agreements utilizing both international and local practices in both Arabic and English languages.

Projects and negotiations

Guidance and Assistance in all matters relating to legal business transactions.


We offer advice on partnership and alliance agreements together with corporate, commercial joint venture agreements. AoA drafts all the appropriate documentation and offers assistance where necessary from concept to competition. We further establish and restructure companies that are compatible with the Saudi Arabian Laws.
We work with our clients in a professional manner that proposes business advice to protect investment, together with assisting where required with corporate financing.

We are always here to assist you and provide legal advice that will prepare you for the right decisions.
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Intellectual property

AoA provides a comprehensive Intellectual Property Service by utilizing all the relevant governmental departments by drafting and filing the applications for trademarks and patents registration within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and international. In addition to representing clients before judicial committees and courts regarding oppositions and complaints.

Competition and Anti-Trust Law

AoA provides a specialized team focusing on Competition and Anti -Trust laws and preventative measures. We advise businesses subject to investigation or possible actions by the competition council and represent clients before all judicial committees and courts.

Litigation and Dispute Settlement

Our competent team of experienced lawyers represents before all courts, committees and arbitration tribunals. AoA has a vast experience in complex cases combined with a high success rate.

Statute, Leglisation and Policies

We analyze the legal aspects of Statute, Legislation and Policies for entities for the private sector, semi government and the government sector where required.

Foreign Investment

We have assisted many international clients in their business practice within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AoA provides a complete service for international clients commencing from the company establishment and the legal Article of Association and finalizing all issues relating to the set up including GOSI, Labor Office and the like.

Enforcement of Judgments, Decisions and Awards

AoA’s team effectively handles the due process of enforcing Judgement decisions including foreign judgements and arbitration awards.